Aquarium Business

Per la prima volta: Acquario Business to Business

The date of the first fair Aquarium Business in Bologna has been moved

The first big fair for stakeholders on aquarium market.

Given the huge audience from shops, and a simultaneous request by some stakeholders that could not have been present in the already agreed dates, and in order not to duplicate the event, we decided to move the event to later date.

Thank you all, and apologize if this may have caused you some discomfort. We are at your disposal for any question and/or clarification.

Some more informations:

Where: In the Artemide Center in Castel San Pietro very near to Bologna. Clicking here you’ll find more informations about location.

When: March, 6-7. Monday and Tuesday. Because we are business! The better for stakeholders. And as Interzoo will do from 2018.

Why: For the first time only the interested people will meet in a location only for them. No pet. No shop. Only stakeholders.

How much: The event will be completely free. For all. To offer only the better.

How many: 39 booths available. Only a few remaining.


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